Aditya Sood was born on January 17 in Patiala, Punjab (India) in a conservative family who had no association with the Bollywood Industry. As a child, Aditya was always magnetized towards the Bollywood world and was obsessed with attempting different roles in front of his parents who always interpreted his talent as his innocence. Who had ever known that Aditya will have successfully reached the stage that he has today. However, the journey was not a piece of cake – many obstacles and challenges faced his way but he tackled them one by one.

Aditya started his career in 1997. Instead of developing the excitement of playing with his teenage friends each day after school, he would constantly be involved in school plays locally. Little was known Aditya was the next prominent director of beauty pageants – his first pageant, Miss India North, reached endless success. He was also a very talented and famous Director and Choreographer. Subsequently, Aditya began delivering shows out of Patiala, such as Vande Matram, Nach Baliye, and Dandiya into other popular cities in India. He was also the first individual to launch Dandiya in North India.

After delivering many other prominent shows within Punjab, he decided to move out of Punjab into Mumbai in 2000. This is where he further advanced his career as an Actor, DIirector and Choreographer and was involved in movies and serials such as Dupatta, Aaj Naeo Lardhna, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Thakur, Kachi Deewar, Shakti Maan, etc. He worked with very famous Bollywood Stars such as Dharminder, Shakti Kapoor, Bharat Kapoor, Raza Murad, Mukesh Khanna, Vivek Shouk, etc.

After attaining success from Movies and TV Serials, Aditya moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2006. He was the first individual to inaugurate a dance school which incorporated not only Bollywood music but also Hip-Hop, Bhangra, Jazz, Salsa, etc. Adityas Bollywood School is the only school which incorporates all of the dance categories within Lower Mainland. Moreover, Adityas has delivered over 20 shows locally and internationally. Each year, Adityas organizes an annual show in which all of the Adityas students get an opportunity to display and promote their hidden talent in front of the media.

Aditya went beyond dance and further invested in movies and events. He opened his own Bollywood movie production and has worked with famous actors within the Bollywood Industry.

Aditya Sood believes nothing is impossible only if you place your heart and hard work in it. H further says “If you can imagine it, we can very well produce and deliver it.”